DMMP Portfolio

Today nearing the last of my Digital Media and Marketing Platforms seminars we were asked to post a portfolio of all of our 1st year work onto a social media page, working in groups. We decided to use our digital marketing agency, JDVE, Facebook profile we had created for our first marked assignment for the uint, gaining a 2:1 for the finished posts! After putting all of our work together, it was interesting to see what we had all accomplished and covered;

Google Trends

Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing

Application of Social Media and Blogging in the Real World

Also videos shown in my previous post, just to name a few.



As apart of my Digital Media and Marketing Platforms unit we have been looking into the YouTube ‘unboxing’ phenomenon. These videos usually show a new product being unpackaged, the most common being electrical goods, these usually being very informative for the viewer too.

We were then given the task to get creative and form an Unboxing video for a simple Kinder Egg! After an intense session of brainstorming together, we decided to choose an old classic, Humpty Dumpty to focus our short video on.

Drawing up our storyboard and bringing a personality to our chocolate egg we were ready to start shooting! luckily Manchester weather held out for us and gave us the opportunity to add some shades to the mix!