Photolink: Week 3

3rd week already of my Agency Life placement… ‘time fly’s when your having fun,’ the weeks seem to be literally flying by at the moment. This week we started with a group meeting, our mentors Paul and Rebecca went through our individual roles in more detail and we had the chance to ask any questions, clarify anything we didn’t understand and put forward some of our ideas which we have already.

We were then added to their ‘Basecamp’ which is a place, online, were they store their current campaigns and where we have the ability list what needs to be done or what has been completed etc. This made me think more about my own time management so I began to create a timetable for my individual task, I added my aims on a week to week basis. 

Our daily task was again based around Regis’s blog, this week we had to add tags to each of the blog posts, to do this we had to read more into the posts and watch some of their previously uploaded videos, it was good to see what type of posts they have perviously used and how their campaigns have changed each year. 

Looking forward to keeping you updated!


Photolink: Week 2

I have been so busy the last few weeks getting settled into my placement, getting back down the grind of uni work and still trying to uphold some sort of social life – student problems! 

My second week at Photolink Creative Group went extremely well once again, me and the other interns are setteling in well, all thanks to the friendly, welcoming staff! Alongside our constant job role which I described within the last post we are also given daily tasks, this weeks was based around Regis’s Blog. 

Working within WordPress we were asked to re-catorgise all of their pervious blog posts for when they redesign the website, dating back to 2007 as you can imagine there was quite a lot so working as a team we spilt the posts evenly and gave each other a hand, this took the majority of the day. We were then asked to upload a set of cover photos to link to each blog post from the website however we soon realised there was a few missing, uhh ohh. After a couple of minutes contemplating on how to handle our first problem we decided to use our initiative and screen shot from the Regis TV videos from YouTube. 

During the day we were also given our Individual Photolink email accounts, feeling fully part of the social team I can see already that this year I’m going to learn so much about the not only how Agency Life is but gain skills and knowledge that will last a life time! 

Photolink Creative Group

Hey again, 

Two blog posts in one night, aren’t you lucky! I’m now going to back track to Wednesday when I started my MMU Agency Life placement at Photolink Creative Group. As I said in my last post my Agency Life unit opened up an amazing opportunity for me to apply for internships which would take me out of university for one day a week to sample what work is really like within a marketing agency.

3 of us gained the opportunity from MMU to work with the @Photolinksocial team which means our weekly tasks will be focused around digital aspects of marketing. When we arrived we were welcomed with warm faces and so nicely greeted by everyone in the office which helped ease all the first day nerves.

We were given another tour around the office which is like a piece of artwork itself and then individually given separate job roles for the year which means we always have something to be constantly working on and is our own responsibility.

My job role: The Social Butterfly

My aim to build social authority and seed content through various sites and social networking platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google +, Digg/ Delicious and Stumble Upon. I will be working on these networking pages for not only Photolink themselves but some of their clients such as Regis, Supercuts and Campo. I began this task by working with 2 clients google+’s, populating them and changing their appearance so they can be later added to their blogs. We will also be given daily tasks, our first group was to upload Regis and Supercuts videos from their YouTubes to their WordPress Blogs.

Being given all of this responsibility for the first time is challenging but extremely exciting too! I loved my first day within a creative marketing agency and can’t wait to keep you all updated with my progress!



Hello Second Year

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long delay with this post, after being back to reality for about a week now, starting all of my second year units and a new internship, I thought it about time to get back to this blog…

Over the summer I have been lucky enough to travel the East coast of Australia, see the sights of Barcelona and enjoy the sounds of some of my favourite artists Benicassim (I have added a few snaps from my instagram below). Not to mention spending some much needed time catching up with all my family and friends back home in Newcastle. The end of first year seems like forever ago, after having this amazing summer, it’s a bit of a shock to the system getting back to the grind of working but exciting nonetheless.




I have had all of my induction lectures/seminars this week which has made me super excited for what second year at university has to hold. One of my units is Agency Life, this part of the course has given me the opportunity to work with Photolink Creative Group which I also started on Wednesday, check out the next up and coming blog post for more about my new internship.

Thanks for reading!