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Hey again, 

Two blog posts in one night, aren’t you lucky! I’m now going to back track to Wednesday when I started my MMU Agency Life placement at Photolink Creative Group. As I said in my last post my Agency Life unit opened up an amazing opportunity for me to apply for internships which would take me out of university for one day a week to sample what work is really like within a marketing agency.

3 of us gained the opportunity from MMU to work with the @Photolinksocial team which means our weekly tasks will be focused around digital aspects of marketing. When we arrived we were welcomed with warm faces and so nicely greeted by everyone in the office which helped ease all the first day nerves.

We were given another tour around the office which is like a piece of artwork itself and then individually given separate job roles for the year which means we always have something to be constantly working on and is our own responsibility.

My job role: The Social Butterfly

My aim to build social authority and seed content through various sites and social networking platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google +, Digg/ Delicious and Stumble Upon. I will be working on these networking pages for not only Photolink themselves but some of their clients such as Regis, Supercuts and Campo. I began this task by working with 2 clients google+’s, populating them and changing their appearance so they can be later added to their blogs. We will also be given daily tasks, our first group was to upload Regis and Supercuts videos from their YouTubes to their WordPress Blogs.

Being given all of this responsibility for the first time is challenging but extremely exciting too! I loved my first day within a creative marketing agency and can’t wait to keep you all updated with my progress!



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