Photolink: Week 2

I have been so busy the last few weeks getting settled into my placement, getting back down the grind of uni work and still trying to uphold some sort of social life – student problems! 

My second week at Photolink Creative Group went extremely well once again, me and the other interns are setteling in well, all thanks to the friendly, welcoming staff! Alongside our constant job role which I described within the last post we are also given daily tasks, this weeks was based around Regis’s Blog. 

Working within WordPress we were asked to re-catorgise all of their pervious blog posts for when they redesign the website, dating back to 2007 as you can imagine there was quite a lot so working as a team we spilt the posts evenly and gave each other a hand, this took the majority of the day. We were then asked to upload a set of cover photos to link to each blog post from the website however we soon realised there was a few missing, uhh ohh. After a couple of minutes contemplating on how to handle our first problem we decided to use our initiative and screen shot from the Regis TV videos from YouTube. 

During the day we were also given our Individual Photolink email accounts, feeling fully part of the social team I can see already that this year I’m going to learn so much about the not only how Agency Life is but gain skills and knowledge that will last a life time! 

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