Photolink: Week 3

3rd week already of my Agency Life placement… ‘time fly’s when your having fun,’ the weeks seem to be literally flying by at the moment. This week we started with a group meeting, our mentors Paul and Rebecca went through our individual roles in more detail and we had the chance to ask any questions, clarify anything we didn’t understand and put forward some of our ideas which we have already.

We were then added to their ‘Basecamp’ which is a place, online, were they store their current campaigns and where we have the ability list what needs to be done or what has been completed etc. This made me think more about my own time management so I began to create a timetable for my individual task, I added my aims on a week to week basis. 

Our daily task was again based around Regis’s blog, this week we had to add tags to each of the blog posts, to do this we had to read more into the posts and watch some of their previously uploaded videos, it was good to see what type of posts they have perviously used and how their campaigns have changed each year. 

Looking forward to keeping you updated!


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