Photolink: Week 4, Halloween

After having a week off for a placement day at university I was looking forward to getting back into the office. We got straight down to our daily tasks and we were then given 3 different training sessions for the end of the day, social media, blogging and SEO.

My daily task, the ‘social butterfly’ meant that my work for the day was centred around all of their social media pages, making posts and interacting with other users. Starting with the Regis Google+


I decided to use Halloween as a theme to my posts, updates and uploads! I found updating both Regis’s and Supercut’s Pinterest the most fun, searching for unique hair ideas for the spooky festivities.


Our training sessions towards the end of the day were extremely interesting, we were taught more into SEO and how to link build, using different programmes and analysing techniques. We then had social media training which was particularly helpful for me and my daily task, again we were given tools and techniques to use such as Feedly, to keep updated on particular industry news. Finally our blogging tutorial was extremely interesting finding out how the company find and contact bloggers to work with them on certain campaigns.

Looking forward to keeping you posted!


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