Photolink: Week 5

Social Bookmarking

I was abit panicked when I heard this week my tasks revolved around social bookmarking! I have come across some social bookmarking sights myself such as Digg and StumbleUpon, never finding them the easiest things to grasp. I was then introduced to a few more; Delicious and Reddit. I was asked to login in and create some accounts for Photolink and start to populate them with pages from their clients webpages, mainly centred around Campo, Regis and Supercuts.

After working my way around each of the bookmarking sites, I found out how to add links and share all the interesting updates!

StumbleUpon I found to be my favourite, I like the layout and the fact it shares images with each post…



Digg I had used before to source interesting news articles, I found uploading data hard and was not so keen on the layout for adding your own links…


Delicious I found the easiest to use, upload and share links however the layout is boring, I find the images with the articles eye catching and fun…


Finally Reddit,Rsimilar to Delicious I found the layout boring however it is aimed for a more techy audience, I think it hits that perfectly however for new users it is hard to use and only lets you post every so often which made my job for the day difficult. Uhh Ohh you seem to be a new user….


After panicking at first, I loved learning about a new area and how to work with new sights. I also did my first tweet from @photolinkdigi  account, expressing how pleased everyone in the office was to be voted 7th in the Prolific North top 50 integrated agencies 2013!

Until next week,



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