Retail – Social Media Marketing

At Photolink last week one of our tasks was to review Little Black Dresses social media pages and evaluate them… In doing this I found it extremely interesting to take a look at other retail shops social networking and what different aspects they use to interact with their fans and followers.

Here are some of the best Interactive ways I picked up from some of my favourite brands…

1. ASOS – Casual relatable tweets are shown here to be a great way to spread brand awareness, something as simple as a ‘TGIF!’ tweet will provide numerous Retweets and steers away from a constant salesy approach to social networking which lets all face it, we hate!


2. Topshop – Seeding a competition over all of their social platforms is another great way to get their followers involved with their brand. Topshop’s recent #TopPets comp saw thousands of their brand users taking to Instagram and twitter to show off their adorable pet pictures to try and win the chance for their pet to gain a place on a new pair of Topshop socks! #Genius


3. – Get involved with your consumers interests! What girl didn’t love SATC?! Boohoo found the perfect way to interact with their Facebook followers here with a simple quote which we all remember…


4. Urban Outfitters – Perfectly jumping on the Valentines Day hype and utilising their Pinterest for it. I think it’s a great idea to use current trends and hypes to promote fitting products to their consumers and Pinterest is the perfect platform for it!


5. Finally Little Black Dress – Youtube Videos are a great way to allow consumers to really get to know a brand and feel apart of it. Our own Little Black Dress has done this really well by integrating questions from their customers and answering their queries. Give it a watch!


This research into various retail brands has shown to me that having a great social media presence might not just be about gaining more sales and just another way to promote products but a place for a brand to interact with their customers, get them involved with the brand and increase their brand awareness through fun and creative ways!

Hope you have enjoyed this read!


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