Agency Life

These posts were following my activity during a second year placement for a university unit called Agency Life. I completed this with Photolink Creative Group, an integrated communications agency, based in Manchester.

My position as a Digital Marketing Intern for the company has introduced me to various aspects of digital marketing such as:

• Working on current campaigns; Regis and Supercuts Salons and Campo Retro,
• Working on various social media platforms; Twitter, Google+, Word Press and Pinterest, 
• Analysing progress of their social campaigns using Google analytics,
• How to use social bookmarking and how to distribute Infographics,
• Learnt on page and off page SEO techniques,
• Worked on link building and key word research, 
• Using Outlook to contact colleagues and Basecamp to keep clients, group meetings and daily tasks organised.

Skills: Creativity, Word Press, Excel, Google analytics, SEO, communication and interpersonal skills, independent and team working, effective time management, organisational skills and using my initiative to analyse and problem solve.

I was appointed the role ‘Social Butterfly’ which meant my tasks were more socially orientated for my time with the company. Working on their current clients social networking platforms to help seed content and build authority to their websites and various online pages.

What to here more about what I did here? All my posts are categorised under Agency Life.

Thanks for reading! 



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