Photolink: Week 15

It’s nearly that day of the year again, no matter where you go you can see nothing but hearts, flowers and teddy bears! So as you can guess most of our updates this week were focused on Valentines! The valentines updates work perfectly with the audience of two of the main clients I have been working with… Regis and Supercut’s Salons..

I made updates to two new boards to their Pinterest Date Night Hair for SupercutsImage

And Valentines Nail Inspiration for Regis


That’s all for this week.

Happy Valentines!


Photolink: Week 14

This week I focused most of my time working with client’s Google+ accounts as its one social networking platform which I don’t feel like I have focused much on since I have been working with Photolink and is within my personal job role as Social Butterfly. 


Here is one of my posts for Supercut’s (I’m also personally loving Demi’s new daring colour, I want it!), as well as posting material, I also spent time interacting with other users commenting, sharing and reposting, slowly but surely I’m starting to master the network! 

A new task for the week was to find some of the main competitors for Photolink, mainly their studios to help improve their Twitter presence. This was really interesting looking into all the local competition and something new and fun to research into.


Photolink: Week 13

After our usual tasks.. Google Analytics, Bookmarking any new posts from all of the websites, we focused on both Regis and Supercuts Pinterest, this gave me an opportunity to view some new styles from some of my favourite celebrities… perks of the job! Here are some of my favourites which I added to their boards…

Fearne-Cotton-NTAs-Hair-Bob-PlatinumIn love with Fearne’s gorgeous platinum blonde bob at the NTA’s the other week. I then focused on adding some Pin’s to Supercut’s Fringe Fabulous board here are some more of my favourites!…

LAllen_gl_11Feb13_rex_bt_592x888 bef6f02dfe37f0a03c766c1cc5c260df

No one can sport a thick full fringe like Lily or the centre parted one like Alexa. I admit I do lust a little after both their locks. 

I then added a Photolink Studio’s ‘Sixties Chic‘ project to their Behance page, this was another piece of brilliant work which I throughly enjoyed looking through. Do make sure you check it out for yourself.


Until Next Week!


Photolink: Week 12

This week I caught up on all of the new posts from their digital clients websites and Photolink’s themselves to social bookmark. Social bookmarking is working better than I ever imagined it would, StumbleUpon being a particular success! 



I found Regis’s Gym Hair Tips blog post extremely interesting… helping me stick to my resolution! The afternoon was focused on working with Supercut’s Instagram and distributing some Regis Infographic’s to Infographic sites…. 



I really like both Regis and Supercuts inforgaphics they are quick and easy ways of creating your own unique hair styles for going out, work or festivals! Definitely check them out if you haven’t already. 


Photolink: Week 11

First week back after the Christmas break I was extremely excited to get back into a working routine. This week I was working closely with Photolink’s head of social, given tasks surrounding their client Campo Retro

Firstly working with their Twitter account we have to follow a range of different football bloggers from all over the world and tweet each with a relevant tweet to their team.. 




which let me add, is harder than you think when your not such a football buff! 

We then had to find interesting pictures to pin to their ‘Back in the Day Pinterest board, using FIFAs top 100 players of all time. Our aim was to find some pictures of the footballers off the pitch or pictures capturing key memorable moments with a great atmospheric vibe. 



It’s safe to say this week I have been all Football’d out and learnt some really interesting facts about the sport, alongside social media! 

Until next week, 


Photolink: Week 10, It’s Christmas!

Week 10 of my internship was the last week before we broke up for Christmas, exciting as it was we had plenty of work to be getting on with….

  • Update Regis dashboard to monthly totals on social & update as usual
  • Create a new dashboard for Photolink
  • Pinterest Regis and Supercuts – Update Pinterest with new links from the sites, follow a few new people and like and commenton some relevent people’s pins
  • Pinterest for Photolink – Update Pinterest with new links from the sites, follow a few new people and like and commenton some relevent people’s pins
    Behance for Photolink – add a new project
  • Instagram for regis and Supercuts – speak to Orla to obtain some images for each brand (just one or two) & upload. Follow some users, like some relevant images
  • Distribute Regis Infographics – Speak to Orla to obtain infographics – add links to linkbuilding doc
  • Distribute Regis comp – 12 days of regis – add links to linkbuilding do

Now it’s the end of our first term most of this I found easy enough to get on with myself, the list of work at the start of a day can sometimes seem quite daunting but once prioritised and broken down it’s always a happy ending! I have found the first term of this placement so educational and some of the best experience that I have been lucky enough to gain so far. So excited to see what second term has to offer after the Christmas break! 

Merry Christmas!


Photolink: Week 8 & 9


The past 2 weeks at Photolink I have felt I have started to work more independently and that I now know what tasks need to be completed without having to be told (sounds like I’m back at school!). Each week I start by updating their main campaigns Google Analytic spreadsheets within Google Documents,  begin social bookmarking the newest posts and information that has been added to their clients websites and start adding a new project to the companies Behance profile.

During these two weeks we started to work with infographics for the first time, we were given two that they had created for their client Little Black Dress.

The Iconic Red Dress


And Audrey Hepburn, What Didn’t You Know…


Our task was then to spread these throughout infographic sites, we soon discovered that these sites are very particular to what they decide to upload but hopefully these will be floating around the web sooner rather than later!

Now were all up to date!


Photolink: Week 6 & 7


I have struggled to post over the past month being so busy around my first Brand Management assignment, now thats out of the way it’s back to keeping the blog up to date! I’m going to summarise the past month goings on in just two new posts.

Thinking back a couple of weeks, when I was first introduced to a new social media platform built to showcase portfolios by creative professionals known as Behance. The site being perfect for Photolink, as a creative marketing and communications agency focused around photography. The site gives them the ability to store and share all of their work from various campaigns to thousands of others within similar industries.

The first upload I made was Supercut’s 2013 Lookbook:

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 19.51.35

The next week I then uploaded Regis’s Life By You, Hair By Regis’s campaign photographs:

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 19.53.30

From this week onwards I have also been working with the companies Google Analytics for all of their digital campaigns, working with other interns we have taken one of their main campaigns to work with closely, mine being Regis. This has meant I have been tracking Regis’s progress across various areas such as overall traffic, social referrals and whether they are successfully reaching their online goals. We have then been updating their Google Document spread sheets to track the campaigns progress and to see where improvements can be made.

More coming very soon!

Photolink: Week 5

Social Bookmarking

I was abit panicked when I heard this week my tasks revolved around social bookmarking! I have come across some social bookmarking sights myself such as Digg and StumbleUpon, never finding them the easiest things to grasp. I was then introduced to a few more; Delicious and Reddit. I was asked to login in and create some accounts for Photolink and start to populate them with pages from their clients webpages, mainly centred around Campo, Regis and Supercuts.

After working my way around each of the bookmarking sites, I found out how to add links and share all the interesting updates!

StumbleUpon I found to be my favourite, I like the layout and the fact it shares images with each post…



Digg I had used before to source interesting news articles, I found uploading data hard and was not so keen on the layout for adding your own links…


Delicious I found the easiest to use, upload and share links however the layout is boring, I find the images with the articles eye catching and fun…


Finally Reddit,Rsimilar to Delicious I found the layout boring however it is aimed for a more techy audience, I think it hits that perfectly however for new users it is hard to use and only lets you post every so often which made my job for the day difficult. Uhh Ohh you seem to be a new user….


After panicking at first, I loved learning about a new area and how to work with new sights. I also did my first tweet from @photolinkdigi  account, expressing how pleased everyone in the office was to be voted 7th in the Prolific North top 50 integrated agencies 2013!

Until next week,


Photolink: Week 4, Halloween

After having a week off for a placement day at university I was looking forward to getting back into the office. We got straight down to our daily tasks and we were then given 3 different training sessions for the end of the day, social media, blogging and SEO.

My daily task, the ‘social butterfly’ meant that my work for the day was centred around all of their social media pages, making posts and interacting with other users. Starting with the Regis Google+


I decided to use Halloween as a theme to my posts, updates and uploads! I found updating both Regis’s and Supercut’s Pinterest the most fun, searching for unique hair ideas for the spooky festivities.


Our training sessions towards the end of the day were extremely interesting, we were taught more into SEO and how to link build, using different programmes and analysing techniques. We then had social media training which was particularly helpful for me and my daily task, again we were given tools and techniques to use such as Feedly, to keep updated on particular industry news. Finally our blogging tutorial was extremely interesting finding out how the company find and contact bloggers to work with them on certain campaigns.

Looking forward to keeping you posted!