Photolink: Week 15

It’s nearly that day of the year again, no matter where you go you can see nothing but hearts, flowers and teddy bears! So as you can guess most of our updates this week were focused on Valentines! The valentines updates work perfectly with the audience of two of the main clients I have been working with… Regis and Supercut’s Salons..

I made updates to two new boards to their Pinterest Date Night Hair for SupercutsImage

And Valentines Nail Inspiration for Regis


That’s all for this week.

Happy Valentines!


Photolink: Week 14

This week I focused most of my time working with client’s Google+ accounts as its one social networking platform which I don’t feel like I have focused much on since I have been working with Photolink and is within my personal job role as Social Butterfly. 


Here is one of my posts for Supercut’s (I’m also personally loving Demi’s new daring colour, I want it!), as well as posting material, I also spent time interacting with other users commenting, sharing and reposting, slowly but surely I’m starting to master the network! 

A new task for the week was to find some of the main competitors for Photolink, mainly their studios to help improve their Twitter presence. This was really interesting looking into all the local competition and something new and fun to research into.


Photolink: Week 13

After our usual tasks.. Google Analytics, Bookmarking any new posts from all of the websites, we focused on both Regis and Supercuts Pinterest, this gave me an opportunity to view some new styles from some of my favourite celebrities… perks of the job! Here are some of my favourites which I added to their boards…

Fearne-Cotton-NTAs-Hair-Bob-PlatinumIn love with Fearne’s gorgeous platinum blonde bob at the NTA’s the other week. I then focused on adding some Pin’s to Supercut’s Fringe Fabulous board here are some more of my favourites!…

LAllen_gl_11Feb13_rex_bt_592x888 bef6f02dfe37f0a03c766c1cc5c260df

No one can sport a thick full fringe like Lily or the centre parted one like Alexa. I admit I do lust a little after both their locks. 

I then added a Photolink Studio’s ‘Sixties Chic‘ project to their Behance page, this was another piece of brilliant work which I throughly enjoyed looking through. Do make sure you check it out for yourself.


Until Next Week!


Photolink: Week 5

Social Bookmarking

I was abit panicked when I heard this week my tasks revolved around social bookmarking! I have come across some social bookmarking sights myself such as Digg and StumbleUpon, never finding them the easiest things to grasp. I was then introduced to a few more; Delicious and Reddit. I was asked to login in and create some accounts for Photolink and start to populate them with pages from their clients webpages, mainly centred around Campo, Regis and Supercuts.

After working my way around each of the bookmarking sites, I found out how to add links and share all the interesting updates!

StumbleUpon I found to be my favourite, I like the layout and the fact it shares images with each post…



Digg I had used before to source interesting news articles, I found uploading data hard and was not so keen on the layout for adding your own links…


Delicious I found the easiest to use, upload and share links however the layout is boring, I find the images with the articles eye catching and fun…


Finally Reddit,Rsimilar to Delicious I found the layout boring however it is aimed for a more techy audience, I think it hits that perfectly however for new users it is hard to use and only lets you post every so often which made my job for the day difficult. Uhh Ohh you seem to be a new user….


After panicking at first, I loved learning about a new area and how to work with new sights. I also did my first tweet from @photolinkdigi  account, expressing how pleased everyone in the office was to be voted 7th in the Prolific North top 50 integrated agencies 2013!

Until next week,


Hello Second Year

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long delay with this post, after being back to reality for about a week now, starting all of my second year units and a new internship, I thought it about time to get back to this blog…

Over the summer I have been lucky enough to travel the East coast of Australia, see the sights of Barcelona and enjoy the sounds of some of my favourite artists Benicassim (I have added a few snaps from my instagram below). Not to mention spending some much needed time catching up with all my family and friends back home in Newcastle. The end of first year seems like forever ago, after having this amazing summer, it’s a bit of a shock to the system getting back to the grind of working but exciting nonetheless.




I have had all of my induction lectures/seminars this week which has made me super excited for what second year at university has to hold. One of my units is Agency Life, this part of the course has given me the opportunity to work with Photolink Creative Group which I also started on Wednesday, check out the next up and coming blog post for more about my new internship.

Thanks for reading!


First Year Internship

Working with Boutinot for 4 months now my time interning with the company has sadly come too an end. As described within the previous post we were asked to work within project teams to create two new product development concepts for some of the companies new wine products. Along side this we developed commercially sound campaign ideas, integrating both traditional and digital marketing and using a social media approach. We had to consider target audiences, potential stockists and consumer profiles.

Once this was completed we were then asked to help the company to conduct their annual market gap analysis, collecting data from several of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains, some of their current and potential suppliers such as ASDA and Marks and Spencer. The results were extremely interesting and key for the companies sales. The placement I believe was very beneficial alongside my first year studies as it helped me to strengthen my team working abilities and interpersonal skills, whilst giving me the opportunity to put my learning into practice. 


 I received this gift for my work with them last week, benefits of working within the wine industry, should go down very nicely post exams! I would like to thank everyone at the office for it and the opportunities they have provided me with! 


Writing my first post about work experience I participated in last week with Boutinot Wines. Boutinot is an international company based in Gately, the organisation has been running for around 30 years and now offers a catalogue of around 800 wines. Arriving to find a diverse range of fellow Manchester Metropolitan University students to work with, all studying different courses and currently in different years, I could instantly see It was going to be worth it and I was about to learn a lot.

We were all eager to get to work and see what the day had in store of us, firstly sampling some of their most famous wines! We got to taste what made Boutinot, what it is today which I found extremely interesting. We were than given four new concepts they hadn’t yet taken to market, then we were spilt into teams and assigned a product to develop a marketing campaign for, ours…Rambling Rosé.

During the space of two hours we had created the character for the wine which we based the campaign on. Rambling Rose a strong, intelligent, ambitious, sexy, creative voice of reason for our target audience of around 18-40 year old women to completely relate too. Creating a competition for our consumers to get completely involved with the brand by uploading photos to social networking sites of themselves and friends simply enjoying the rose in fun and creative ways. We decided to link the rose with a themselves package perfect for pre drinks or a girly night in. Also we decided to create social media accounts and for Rambling Rose to ramble about current issues women want to here about on her very own twitter page. #Roses-rambles

We developed many more parts to the campaign too before then presenting it to a board of Boutinot employees and the other team. Everyone had their each individual inputs and it was interesting to see what the others had also came up with. In all, the day was pleasant and very worthwhile. Hopefully Rambling Rosé is soon on supermarket shelves so I can enjoy a well earned glass!